The National Digital Inclusion Alliance is a unified voice for home broadband access, public broadband access, personal devices and local technology training and support programs.  We work collaboratively to craft, identify and disseminate financial and operational resources for digital inclusion programs while serving as a bridge to policymakers and the general public. 

Latest News

Net Neutrality Day of Action

Today is the Net Neutrality Day of Action! To join in the movement, please visit:  https://www.battleforthenet.com/ To learn more about the history of Net Neutrality check out:  http://whatisnetneutrality.org/timeline This isn’t just an issue for the big players, it’s...

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Adapting Materials and Busting Silos Part 1

In some of our earliest conversations, Matthew Kopel, the project manager for the NDIA Pilot Corps, directed us to (and I'm paraphrasing) break down silos like we're a wrecking crew. So what exactly does this mean? It means identifying silos of information, stores of...

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NDIA Meetup at ALA 2017

Are you headed to ALA next week?  Would you like to meet up with other digital-inclusion-oriented library folks? Know someone who fits this profile? Are you in the Chicago area and want to come out anyways? Friday, June 23rd 7:00-8:30pm Motor Row Brewing Company...

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